Green EnergyOur mission is something that we take very seriously! It’s not just something we talk about, but a set of words that we live by each and every day.

Our mission:

To run exceptional real estate service businesses that enhance the lives of our people, partners, and communities we serve.

And, being the most conscious, sustainable company possible fits right in there!

In 2016, we retained Green EconoME to help us reach out “Green 2017” goals. We knew that we had a few challenges are who better to have help out than this renowned energy consultancy and construction firm.  

Our primary objective in this project was to figure out how to consume fewer resources. Our older lighting and thermostats were contributing to the problem, and we wanted to get to the bottom of the issue to reach a solution!

You can take a look at the case study to learn more.

But in the meantime, we have great news! Spoiler alert: With the help of Green EconoME, our building’s average daily HVAC usage decreased to 350 kWh, a 66% savings.

Here’s what our Vice President of Finance, Russell Jensen, had to say about this wonderful and eye-opening experience:

“Working with Green EconoME has greatly helped my understanding of our consumption of power and by tracking our usage, setting up our thermostats for optimal settings, and applying for local rebates. We as a company have become more responsible to all our stakeholders. Thank you Green EconoME!”

We wanted to again thank Green EconoME for the work that they do and guidance their team provided with us because we know that enhancing the lives of our people, partners, and communities we serve goes hand-in-hand with doing good for our planet and operating an eco-friendly company!