We invite you to learn more about where we have been, where we are, where we are heading, and why we're the perfect partner for you.

The evolution of Pango Group.

Decades ago, a student at Glendale Community College got a job as a part-time messenger at an escrow company to pay for his schooling. Shortly after starting this job, he became the receptionist.

He was then moved into the Closing Department, typing HUD’s on carbon paper and using a Check Protector (you may want to Google that one), but quickly was promoted to an assistant role and was soon running a desk as a full-fledged Escrow Officer.

Before long, the commitment to build something took hold, and this messenger turned Escrow Officer took ownership of Glen Oaks Escrow and went on to build it from a three-person operation to one of the largest families of independently-owned and managed escrow companies in Southern California.


Create a culture that cares about people, invests in its team, and provides an environment that allows those folks to do the best job possible. This is something that Scott Akerley, CEO of Pango Group, has proven to us over the last 20 years.

And this is only the beginning.


We are incredibly grateful that we’ve had the opportunity to serve our people, partners, and communities for 25 years! Cheers to another 25.

AV Escrow provides clients throughout the Antelope Valley with superior expertise and knowledge.


California Elite Escrow is powered by an exceptional real estate team. The team can offer a superior level of service to clients throughout the Long Beach area.


After a few years of “retiring” the American Trust Escrow brand, it was reignited in 2018 and now serves the entire South Bay region.


Mosaic Signing Services was founded to provide another level of service and expertise to our clients. Mosaic can conduct signings in 50 states and are SSAE 18 SOC compliant – the highest level of security possible.


Pango Group was the very first escrow organization to launch its own foundation. Pango Foundation’s goal is simple—create a hands-on approach for employees, families, and communities to pay it forward. We are passionate about giving back and allowing our employees to participate.


DAS was founded to provide document scanning services to our clients. The company is conscious of the environment, which is why they scan, shred, and recycle all paper files.

Pango Group founded Escrow Trust Advisors to develop another partnership brand opportunity to service clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area.


VOI Insurance Company started as an independent insurance company in Calabasas and was acquired by Pango Group to help grow service offerings that we are able to offer to our clients.


Pango Group was founded to fulfill the need to have a parent company for all of our brands. The company has shaped the mission, values, vision, culture, and initiatives for all of our escrow and ancillary brands.


California Settlement Services – Pango Group’s DRE Management company – possesses immense expertise at creating efficiencies and managing a real estate brokerage’s escrow business. This brand takes our independent escrow business models, services, and security and offers them to brokerages as a revenue stream.


CV Escrow is Pango Group’s second partnership brand that was founded to offer services to the entire Southern California desert community.


American Trust Escrow started as a partnership brand on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles that serviced Brentwood, Los Feliz, and surrounding areas.


Scott Akerley purchased Glen Oaks Escrow, which at the time was a small office in Glendale. Today, it is Pango Group’s largest escrow brand with locations throughout Southern California.